About WDPN

The Westminster Development Policy Network started out by bringing together researchers active in the field of development policy and development studies at the University of Westminster. More recently, we have welcomed new members from across the world.

The network combines various areas of expertise across economics, sociology, media, geography and urban studies. We are open to new members so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to get involved.    

We organise an annual Westminster Development Studies Symposium,which provides an opportunity to network, and hear about the latest research. We are planning for the 2021 edition of the symposium to take place next summer and expect to release the call for papers this autumn. All our events are open to everyone and free of charge. 



  • Serena Masino: s.masino [at] westminster.ac.uk
  • Karen Jackson: k.jackson [at] westminster.ac.uk


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