About WDPN

The Westminster Development Policy Network (WDPN) brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines working on development policy.

The Westminster Development Policy Network Virtual Seminars are jointly organised with Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). We also host an annual Westminster Development Studies Symposium and regularly host special panel discussions with a variety of partner organisations.

For details of our next event coming up on the 22 June in the Regent Street Cinema (London): Insights from transition economies: China, Poland and Uzbekistan and our Research Roundtable – Chinese Economic Policy

All our events are open to everyone and free of charge. We welcome new members so please get in touch if you would like to join the network.

Our recent webinars on playback

Special panel:
Perspectives on trade and FDI in Africa
Co-organised with Covenant University

Special panel:
How can public sector leadership drive positive responses to the new normal?
Co-organised with Accra Business School

WDPN Virtual Seminar:
One Health and Agri-Food Systems Human, animal and environmental health in Africa and Asia
John McDermott (International Food Policy Research Institute)

WDPN Virtual Seminar:
Digital transformation of the agri-food system
Kateryna Schroeder (World Bank)

Special panel:
Prospects for an India-UK Free Trade Agreement
Co-organised with the Indian Institute of Management, Nagpur, India
Viewing access passcode: fr6!9E2J

WDPN Virtual Seminar:
Risky business: Political stability along the Belt and Road
Karen Jackson (University of Westminster)

WDPN Virtual Seminar:
Sustainable Development in Central Asia: Challenges and Opportunities
Jeffrey Sachs (Columbia University)

WDPN Virtual Seminar:
Wins and Losses at Work: Employment and Adverse Incorporation Dynamics in the Ghanaian Construction Sector
Serena Masino (University of Westminster)

WDPN Virtual Seminar:
Cluster-based Economic Development
Xiaobo Zhang (International Food Policy Research Institute/Peking University)

WDPN Virtual Seminar:
Does Democratization Promote Competition? Indonesian Manufacturing Pre and Post Suharto
Anna Kochanova (Cardiff University)

WDPN Virtual Seminar:
The Future in Mind: Long-run Impact of an Aspirations Intervention in Rural Ethiopia Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse (International Food Policy Research Institute)

Contacts: Karen Jackson (k.jackson [at] westminster.ac.uk) and Serena Masino (s.masino [at] westminster.ac.uk)

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