Ioannis Glinavos

Ioannis Glinavos is an expert in investment treaty arbitration (ISDS), law and economics, law and development. Ioannis has written for The Independent, Forbes, Newsweek, HuffPost and The Conversation. He is the author of two books and multiple peer-reviewed academic papers in high impact journals. His books have examined the role of law in systemic economic transformations (post communist transition) and the contribution legal frameworks can make to financial stability, with emphasis on post-financial crisis regulatory reforms. Ioannis is currently researching the ability of developing world corporations to use ISDS provisions in investment treaties to respond to regulatory changes in western jurisdictions. An example would be the ability of Huawei to respond to its exclusion from infrastructure development in the USA and Europe on the basis of security concerns.

Position: Senior Lecturer in Law, Westminster Law School, University of Westminster

Regional Focus: Former Communist States


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