Neogeography, development and human rights in Latin America.

Latin America has a long history of exploitation and oppression of populations, moreover it has been suggested that the ‘postcolonial’ quest for rapid national `modernization’ has led to an increase in the extractive, neoliberal, policies of corporations and governments working across the region (Bryant, 1998: 85). Rarely, however, has this been taken lying down. Social movements and activist groups are active all across the region, fighting for human rights, land rights, environmental rights, indigenous rights and many more in the face of corporate and government oppression. This strong history of activist movements and the continuing exploitation of the region makes Latin America a suitable location to explore the way knowledge is created and passed-on, with a view to promoting Social Movement Organisations fighting for Development with a focus on Human Rights. Couple this with challenging geographies and a rapid uptake rates of mobile and digital technologies and the region also presents itself a prime location to explore the inter-relation between those movements, spatial knowledges and the use of Geographic Information Systems.

Specht, D. (2018). Neogeography, development and human rights in Latin America.

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