Estimating the Impact of Traineeships

Final Report for the Department for Education:

Traineeships are an education and training programme that provide young people aged 16-24 with an intensive period of work experience and work preparation training, as well as offering them support in improving their English and maths, to give them the best opportunity of entering an apprenticeship or employment. This report estimates the impact of participating in a Traineeship. It forms part of a wider evaluation of the Traineeships programme. The evaluation includes the following strands:

• Surveys of trainees, employers and providers;
• Qualitative provider case studies to build up an in-depth picture of implementation;
• An analysis of national administrative data to estimate the impact of Traineeships.

Dorsett, R., Gray, H., Speckesser, S. and Stokes, L. (2019), Estimating the impact of Traineeships, Department for Education report PDF [Project page]

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