The Nexus Between the COVID-19 Pandemic, International Relations, and International Security

Michael S. Baker, M.D. – Rear Admiral, USN (ret), Dr Sebastian Kevany and Dr Deon Canyon and Professor Robert Ostergard

Security Nexus: Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies

The extent to which other related global relationships, national entities, and supranational organizations have performed in the current case will only be clear in retrospect: it will quite possibly emerge that a combination of right- and left-wing polices – cherry-picking elements of travel and visa restrictions, greater health security and diplomacy investments, and other defensive and protective policy aspects from the two highly divergent sets of agendas — will be the guiding paradigm for the decades to come. Despite the mutual antipathy between contemporary political perspectives in the United States, there are elements of each agendas — what has been called bipartisanism, or post-partisanship — that will be crucial to the future of humanity. Taking this forward in a proactive, positive, and productive manner requires that neither side be vilified.

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