A Review of:

Inflamed – Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice, Rupa Marya and Raj Patel

by Serena Masino

Rupa Marja and Raj Patel have recently published a book that explores the deeper causes of inflammation-related disease. Inflammation is increaseingly seen as the root cause of several diseases involving all systems in the human body, from Alzheimer to Cancer.

Marya and Patel’s book offers what could be seen as a political economy of inflammation in which the authors link the emergence of inflammatory pathways to numerous elements in the exposome of individuals. The exposome, in their words, encompasses a number of exposures to negative events from individual or collective trauma to pollution.

Social and political injustice takes up a special place in the book for its responsibility in creating an experience of collective trauma whose health-related consequences are transmitted down through generations through an important epigenetic pathway. The book repeatedly speaks to and interfaces itself with the historical experience of discrimination in the United States.

Read the full review by Serena Masino HERE.

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