Webinar: How can public sector leadership drive positive responses to the new normal?

Jun 21, 2021 02:00 PM BST

This panel debate has been co-organised in partnership with Accra Business School

The demands on public sector leaders have changed substantially in recent years, but what about the next ten years? We will hear from our panellists, who are leaders working across Africa and Europe, to better understand the capabilities that today’s public sector leaders and future leaders should be developing. The discussion will include the role of technology and creating workplaces that have a sense of purpose and inclusion. The session is free and open to all. Our panellists will be pleased to answer your questions during the Q&A session.

Panel Line-Up:

Kweku Bedu-Addo
Chief Executive Officer for South Africa at Standard Chartered Bank with a previous career in public policy

Professor Elvis Cornerstone
Vice President, Accra Business School (Ghana) and Chair of Economics, Institute of Economics and Finance (Ghana)

Professor Malcolm Kirkup
Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of College, Westminster Business School, University of Westminster (UK)

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